A teary antidote to holiday shopping...

So, I was just sitting there this morning, thinking of a couple of outstanding presents I had to buy, and stressing about my email backlog, when WPP's creative director John O'Keeffe sent me this link to an ad that won their internal Creme de la Creme award.  It was in response to our Ads Worth Spreading initiative.  I clicked, gaped, shed a tear, marveled at the ingenious twist, and now here I am sharing it. So I guess that makes it an ad worth spreading.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and here's to a beautiful 2011.

- Chris

P.S. I also loved the ad links everyone sent me yesterday on Twitter.  Lots of laughs.  eg. this one.  And gasps.
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I keep thinking about the "gasp" video ..curious and creative the way they visualized the concept of interconnectivity.
Technology is changing the way we live, our life style has evolved with changing technology, it is true for our eating habbits, soical life, leisure and shopping style. The trend of new year is online shopping
Your ad links were great! The gasp video does come to mind lol.
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