TED Goes to Jail

Seems like I learn something great or hear something great from a TEDx organizer every single day. This morning I was forwarded an email from  Antonella Broglia, organizer of TEDxMadrid.   Here it is...

On Dec 3, 2011, at 9:19 AM, Antonella Broglia wrote:

Dear friends, 
This morning I have been talking about TED to a group of inmates at Soto del Real Prison, near Madrid. A huge institution.
They have no access to the internet, so I brought a selection of historical and new talks with me in a CD.
They were amazed by the ideas, and we then engaged in a great debate about the power of ideas to free ourselves, and the power of video to educate people no matter if they are rich or poor.
While I will be sending  new talks to them,  I will be back in march to explain what I will have learned at TEDActive 2012.
And I will also teach them to prepare their TED Talk - style  speech about the story of their lives.
After the meeting, they called their families and talked to them about TED.
And that was the most incredible part.
It was such a great morning.

Antonella Broglia
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This is quite a beautiful email and would have brought a smile and a happy warm tear to my eye :-)
Wonderful!! Thanks for sharing this!!


So TEDxMadrid will be in a prison, or is this just a community exercise that the organizer was undergoing? Either way, very inspirational. That's the power of ideas worth spreading...
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Incredible the effect TED has on everyone it touches. Bravo to Antonella for her creative empowerment of human beings. Thank you, Chris, for sharing!
Thanks for providing such a great information here.
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