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Hey Chris
We're totally psyched to have you on Posterous -- we'd love to feature you on the Posterous homepage if you're interested. Just upload a profile photo (Manage > Edit Profile in right sidebar) and we'll do it.

Also we're a great way to post to your twitter too -- you can set that up at http://posterous.com/autopost if you'd like. You can control what posts get sent to twitter too. (instructions on that page)

I love TED, so thanks for all the incredible work you've done over the years to make it what it is. At Posterous we also spent a bunch of time customizing our embedding so that TED works great with our bookmarklet and whenever TED video URL gets pasted, we make sure the real flash video embed code gets posted instead.

-Garry, cofounder, posterous.com

That's generous, Garry. 
For someone as time-jammed as I am, Posterous rocks. It took less than 15 mins to figure out how to use it. Your home page is a marketing masterpiece. Couldn't be more appealing.
As you can see, I use it mainly as a Twitter-adjunct. A super convenient place to post longer items. ...and then tweet-link to them.  Seems to me that Twitter is taking a huge bite out of old-fashioned blogging, but your service is really easy to combine with a Twitter habit (no doubt others are using much more ambitiously!)
That's cool re the embedding. Thanks for doing that.  ...and good luck.
- Chris