Should I invite Matt to TED?

A shocking story, courageous response... Love that he references Dan Gilbert. This is classic instance of "synthesizing happiness."

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I think you should definitely invite Matt to TED... He would be a great addition...
Yes, this was a fantastic talk! I think it would serve the TED crowd well.
Yes, definitely! Its an uplifting presentation.
I clicked on this link and immediately thought to myself "uh, oh, an 8 minute 31 second video on YouTube, this is going to be boring'... I clicked play and watched it all the way through. What a fantastic talk, very inspiring and passionate. Well done Matt! (TEDworthy without a doubt.)
this is a certainly a well told, inspiring story. great energy and an important message. but when i think of TED i mostly think of sharing the ideas that flow from original work that people are out and about doing in their fields. maybe my interpretation is too narrow.
He's definitely got the flow !!! Passionate and authentic. My thumbs up for Matt. And last but not least, thousand thanks for this inspirational and hope-giving message.
Strong inspirational speaker but agree with Amy. Matt tells other people's stories well. The work is not his own although the idea is worth spreading.
Not to say he isn't a good motivational speaker... What I love about TED is inspiration through unique experience and example - to me he didn't have a great story, just a nice message.
Not sure this is TED caliber but it's great to be able to observe Chris's hunt for TED speakers!
a very good speaker, agreed! But the idea he presents is the age-old question of "money =? happiness" and a very shallow argumentation in favour of the also age-old non-material view. I don't think this fits with TED where the ideas presented are either revolutionary, challenge your thinking with good questions or present a dilemma, such as this one, from new and innovative perspectives.
Good message, but not really what I come to TED for. The work of Dan Gilbert, whom the speaker references, is what I come for, and Dan, indeed, gave a great presentation.