William Kamkwamba on Jon Stewart

The shy boy who barely spoke English when I first met him in Arusha two years ago (and had this impromptu on-stage conversation with him http://bit.ly/9Q3l ) gave an amazing interview on Jon Stewart last night. Everyone at TED salutes him.

You can learn more about William and his astonishing story of building a windmill in his home village in Malawi here.   His book is storming the charts at Amazon here http://bit.ly/IDJgf     (A special call-out to TED's Tom Rielly @trielly who urged me to bring him to the stage at Arusha and who has since been supporting his education and much more. Also to @emeka_okafor who brought William to Arusha as a TED Fellow.)

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Amazing and interesting story! I'm buying this book, that's for sure.
I watch the second TED appearance William gave any time I am getting down at work. This happens to be almost daily. Thank you for letting his talent be seen by the masses.


I'm headed to Malawi in December for a volunteer trip and I just can't wait to be inspired by those who do so much with so little.
Gotta love his sense of humor! Where was this Google??? haha
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